Start up, Investment and Network

There are thousands of start-ups across the globe, many of which have brilliant business ideas, skills and motivation. If you’re one of them, and you have an idea how to evolve, change and grow – we salute you. Without ideas, there is very little progress in society.

Most of the start-ups though lack two things – which is part of the nature of being a growth company; (1) connections & direction and (2) the funds to run really fast.

Working with our partner network,  we can support emerging companies in the various stages of evolution and if approved by our investment board, also help with to find appropriate funding.

Our consultants and our investment Board have a broad collective experience in bringing new ideas to life , working close with our partners , the Chambers of commerce and hands-on support for creating proof-of-concepts and prototypes, both through the academic world of the Royal Institute of Technology and Carolinskinstitutete  and private companies who specialise in accelerating time-to-market for products and services. By involving the expert network saves time and energy and also providing knowledge as well as the resources to go from idea to operational product