Political Consultation

We at EHIB believe in communication as a means of creating understanding and doing good business, we also believe it’s extremely hard to do in a world with many co-existing ideologies, many times being different from our own standing and beliefs.  That’s why we aim to support and build bridges, not walls for a better future.

  • In a global world, communication is more important than ever before, while a lack of communication has lead to companies and organizations as well as politicians starting to feel more isolated to other’s roles and viewpoints– not understanding the effect they have on each other.
  • Our global network and partners work very closely with many governments such as Sweden and rest of Scandinavia, the European Union, MENA region, USA, Brazil, and India, but also to international partner organizations throughout Asia, Africa South America and Australia.
  • Our consultants are well-connected with governing parties regardless of policital direction.
  • To support companies, organizations to connect and interact with its politicians, is a key to understand each other and work together.